Rules & Regulations for Boarders

1. Children MUST be taken home during Summer Holidays and Puja Holidays.

2. Children are NOT allowed to stay in town with their Guardians . Children found staying alone in town will be expelled.

3. A Fine of Rs 50/- a day will be levied on children coming late after a holiday or being late after the specified date of departure.

4. Parents are NOT allowed to frequent shops near the School and Parents are requested NOT to pay credit or leave payments in the same.

5. Children must be taken out ONLY on visiting weekend.

6. Children must leave School in full uniform and must return in the same.

7. Girls above Class VI are NOT allowed to leave school with any other individual apart from their parents . They MAY NOT STAY ALONE WITH A LOCAL GUARDIAN during Holidays.

8. Parents will sign a specified form if they wish their wards to travel alone . No hand written letters will be entertained.

9. All pocket money will be deposited with the Bursar and any child found with over Rs.10 /- on their body or in pocket will be liable to strict disciplinary action or even expulsion.

10. Sandals are strictly NOT allowed . BATA / HAWAII Slippers must be brought to be worn in the dormitory . A mixture of BLUE and WHITE colored Sneakers and WHITE Keds are Compulsory during Games . No other fancy shoes to be brought . Only lace up Naughty boy shoes and Bata Buckle Shoes for girls are allowed in the school.

11. Hipster style trousers and skirts if brought , will be returned and replaced by the School.

12. Fancy belts, rings, trinkets, make-up sets, nail polish, hair dyes will be confiscated if brought to school.

13. Only yellow hair clips , hair bands or ribbons for girls. Those with long hair should be pleated in two.

14. Prescription and Medical Bills to be submitted after a long absence. The Doctor's certificate alone will not be taken in consideration.




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